Bit of War


God of War in 8-bits


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Bit of War is a 'demake' of the successful God of War in which you'll place in the feet of a pixelated retro-style Kratos to assassin the Pantheon of Greek gods... one more time.

Forget God of War mechanics, because this time you won't enjoy those state-of-the-art graphics and movements. Change those stunning 3D and enjoy this amazing 2D style. Go back in time and enjoy jumping and killing enemies in 2D.

Your weapons are the chains and the knives, and following the original game, you'll be able to use new weapons as long as you go further in the game. Those weapons are pixelated, of course, but you'll like it.

Bit of War is an amusing platform and action game that offers an story of around 3 hours. Controlling this tiny 8-bit Kratos in a 2D environment is honestly a real pleasure.
By Erika Okumura
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